Vidare. Sweden 2020. Director: Christian Zetterberg, Liselotte Persson. 11 Min. Feature film. OV w/. Engl. Subs. and Ger. voice-over. Recommended from age 6.

That’s it for the sum­mer. Tomorrow Misha moves abroad, and Fanny will stay in her home­town. Her jea­lou­sy and the fee­ling of being left behind clas­hes with Misha’s will to make the best of her last day. Where will they be tomorrow?

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2020 MOVING FORWARD (debut)


Liselotte Persson and Christian Zetterberg are the foun­ders of the Swedish pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny Gråklippan. Because they both come from dif­fi­cult fami­ly back­grounds, they have spe­cia­li­zed in children’s and youth film pro­duc­tions. Although they have alre­a­dy pro­du­ced seve­ral short films tog­e­ther, MOVING FORWARD is their first short film as a direc­ting duo. 

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