Dooi. NL 2021. Director: Arthur van Merwijk. 2 Min. Animation. No dia­log. Suitable from age 0.

It thaws. The old mas­ter of win­ter still keeps natu­re buried under his snow. But soon the spring is in its child­li­ke reck­less­ness: Everywhere it tramps, it turns green. Nature is awa­ke­ning. (PK) 

After the cine­ma pre­mie­re, the short film will be available on LUCAS-Streaming until 23.12.2022.

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LUCAS im Kino

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2021 THAW (short film) | 2021 THE HALLOWEEN MAGIC CANDY PET (short film) | 2019–2020 MORPHLE SEASON 1&2 (series)

Production com­pa­ny
Kalio Animation

World sales
Sydney Neter


Arthur van Merwijk foun­ded a com­pa­ny in 2020 to pro­du­ce films and series for child­ren. He was suc­cessful world­wi­de with the short film MY MAGIC PET MORPHLE.

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