Fitzcarraldo. Germany/Peru 1982. Director: Werner Herzog. Screenplay: Werner Herzog. 158 Min. Feature film. Ger. OV. Suitable from age 12.

Fitzcarraldo is a drea­mer who wants to build an ope­ra house in Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon. Driven by an decisi­ve will, he coll­ects valuable caout­chouc in a remo­te and unex­plo­red regi­on of the rain­fo­rest to finan­ce his pro­ject. What starts as an adven­ture of epic pro­por­ti­ons cul­mi­na­tes in an unfor­gettable under­ta­king. In front of and behind the came­ra, on the brink of mad­ness and bey­ond. Werner Herzog puts Klaus Kinski as Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald against the forces of natu­re and the limits of what is (phy­si­cal­ly) pos­si­ble in a noto­rious pro­duc­tion. Anything less would be no chall­enge for the ope­ra fanatic.

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