When a film shows us the world, it does so through a frame. What we see is a limi­t­ed space. Each image demons­tra­tes a per­so­nal view. In films, we always look at the world through someone else’s eyes. FRAME THE WORLD chal­lenges our per­cep­ti­on. It shows us how move­ment can be mani­pu­la­ted through cine­ma, that it is dif­fi­cult to obser­ve ever­y­thing in a public place, and that a detail in the land­scape can hide won­derful secrets. This short film pro­gram com­ple­ments the docu­men­ta­ry focus of LUCAS #44 for the very youn­gest cinemagoers.

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Démolition d’un mur. France 1896. Director: Cinématographe Luxiere. 2 Min. 

Film does not only record move­ment, it also plays with it and this opens end­less pos­si­bi­li­ties of imagination.


Tér. HU 1971. Director: István Szabo. 5 Min.

The came­ra cap­tures a moment of coll­ec­ti­ve life in a breath­ta­kin­gly flu­id move­ment, giving us the fee­ling that we could poten­ti­al­ly be every sin­gle one of them or all of them at once.


Un gior­no in Barbagia. Italy 1958. Director: Vittorio de Seta. 10 Min.

A day in the life of a vil­la­ge in Barbagia, in Sardinia: Everything goes its way, day after day, one task leads to the next and the came­ra is curious yet careful in try­ing to give us a glim­pse of this life.

WHEN CITIES FLY | Wenn Städte fliegen

When Cities Fly. Germany 2017. Director: Khaled Mzher. 4 Min.

High abo­ve the roofs of Amman, the capi­tal of Jordan, the came­ra fol­lows objects that fly.

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