FR/HU/IT/DE 1896–2017. Director: div. 13 Min. Suitable from age 0. Recommended from age 3.

When a film shows us the world, it does so through a rec­tan­gu­lar frame. What we see is only a limi­t­ed space. Each image reflects a per­so­nal point of view. In films we look at the world through the eyes of ano­ther. “Frame the world” chal­lenges our per­cep­ti­on. It shows us how move­ment can be mani­pu­la­ted in cine­ma, that it is dif­fi­cult to obser­ve ever­y­thing in a public place, or that a detail in the land­scape can hide a won­derful secret. 


Démolition d’un mur. Frankreich 1896. Director: Cinématographe Luxiere. 2 Min. 

A film by the Lumière brot­hers, the inven­tors of cine­ma, shows the demo­li­ti­on of a wall on the site of their fac­to­ry. 

TÉR | A Square

Tér. HU 1971. Director: István Szabo. 5 Min.

Young and old peo­p­le enjoy­ing a sun­ny day in a squa­re. The came­ra cap­tures this moment of coll­ec­ti­ve life in a breath­ta­king, flowing move­ment. 

DINGEN | Things

Dingen. NL 2005. Director: Femke Schaap. 2 Min.

Can one still reco­gni­ze things in this pile of ever­y­day objects, even if they lose their color and struc­tu­re and beco­me mere shapes? 


When Cities Fly. DE 2017. Director: Khaled Mzher. 4 Min.

High abo­ve the roof­tops of Amman, the came­ra spots a group of child­ren in the debris of a buil­ding. The came­ra beg­ins to play with the child­ren. 

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