Lord of the Flies. GB 1963. Director: Peter Brook. Screenplay: Peter Brook. 92 min. Feature Film. OV w/Ger. sub. FSK 12. Recommended from age 12.

After a pla­ne crash, a group of English boys escape to an unin­ha­bi­ted island. Drinking water and fruit are available in suf­fi­ci­ent quan­ti­ties. The six- to twel­ve-year-olds even suc­ceed in light­ing a signal fire. The pru­dent and cir­cum­s­pect Ralph is the elec­ted lea­der. However, Jack brings unrest into the group. He reli­es on the strength of the stron­gest and gathers more and more “hun­ters” around him. When a res­cuing ship approa­ches, but does not pay atten­ti­on to the stran­ded, the group final­ly breaks up.

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SA, 8.10. | 4 p.m. | DFF Cinema

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